The BOSS Mentorship Programme offers two types of mentoring opportunities to its current students and alumni.

  • A series of collective mentoring sessions on campus from real-life professionals.
  • A one-on-one discussion forum for real-time interaction.


The Mentorship Programme aims:

  • To offer students and young professionals guidance on skills required for academic and professional growth.
  • To connect BOSSes worldwide for establishing a strong network based on mutual trust and fellowship.
  • To establish a strong relationship between the alumni and the alma mater to expand the reach of BOSS and the BSS brand.


  • All BOSSes will receive an email from the AR Department stating the beginning of the mentorship programme. The email will also request all the BOSSes interested in mentoring to update their profile (if it is not already) and check whether the mentoring badge appears on their profile. They will be informed, that by doing so, they may be called for conducting a 45-60 minute mentoring session at the branch under its mentoring programme.
  • During the same time, BOSS App will send notifications and run on alumni newsfeed, as well as TBT and all other social media platforms.
  • The school will share their need-based analysis for the mentoring and contact relevant alumni volunteers. This can include topics like scholarship, ECAT, MCAT, SAT, CSS awareness, stream selection for academic goals, social and academic grooming sessions, balancing life and academics, mental health sessions, stress management, amongst other areas as well.
  • The attendees can reach out to the mentor volunteers via the app after sessions.
  • Mentor/mentee communication can take place on the BOSS App using the Messaging feature.


Different ways mentors can help their mentees:

  • Help mentees identify goals.
  • Create a workable plan unique to the mentees’ needs/requirements.
  • Refrain from biased answers to the mentees’ questions.
  • Share your professional experiences and insights.
  • Refine interpersonal and leadership skills of the mentees.
  • Do not use inappropriate language or communicate in ways that are derogatory, unprofessional or disrespectful.
  • Please refrain from conversation related to your / or their personal life.
  • Use the mentorship programme effectively to guide the mentees.


How to fully utilize your mentorship experience:

  • Respond to communications from the the mentors promptly.
  • You can ask questions about educational, career or professional topics, or request advice about an industry or life choice.
  • Please do not ask the mentors for job/internship opportunities.
  • Do not use inappropriate language or communicate in ways that are derogatory, unprofessional or disrespectful.
  • Please respect the mentors’ personal space and do not send repetitive requests or questions.