• Elections will be held for the chapter council positions every three years.
  • The volunteers will be self-nominated via the online nomination form. However, the Organisation Leads will sift the nominees and select 3 volunteers against each position for voting. 
  • The viewing of the application data and the voting, both will be conducted online via CMS (Content Management System) and the BOSS app respectively.
  • The election will be advertised on the BOSS website, social media channels and the BOSS App by BSS Corporate Communication in collaboration with I.T and the Department of Alumni Relations.  
  • All BSS alumni registered on the BOSS App are eligible to vote in their chapters.
  • In case there is a tie between two candidates, the voting period can be extended for that particular position.


  • The electoral candidate can not promise anything beyond or against the objectives of BOSS.
  • Please refrain from giving/receiving favours to the alumni or any of the office-bearers.
  • Electoral candidates can promote themselves informally using their own social media or personal contacts given that they do so in accordance with the above-mentioned expectations.
  • If any elected Alumni Lead wants to vacate the position, he/she must inform the Organisation Leads and the Department of Alumni Relations at least 1 month prior.
  • Any vacancies can be filled by re-election.