BOSS Mentorship Sessions
Media and the Channing Time

A BOSS Mentorship Session on Media and the Changing Times was held on 3rd March 2022, at Beaconhouse PECHS Campus, Karachi. Panelists included Ms. Arooj Abbas (Chef/TV Host), Ms. Safaa Rauf Khan (CEO, Mad Media and Utopia Retreats), Ms. Momina Munir (Youtuber/Content Creator), and Mr. Ali Vastani (Visual Art Teacher at Beaconhouse PECHS Campus).

Ms. Aliha Bukhari hosted the ceremony while Ms. Fatima Mudassir moderated a highly informative BOSS Mentorship Session. The panel discussion revolved around the changing trends in media and the negative and positive impacts of new media. Mr. Rehan Wajih Hassan facilitated with marketing collateral that made this event a success!

The event concluded with a Q&A session with the students and ending remarks by Ms. Sadia Aamir (Principal, Beaconhouse PECHS Campus). In the end, the panelists were presented with giveaways, followed by refreshments.