BOSS Mentorship Sessions
Breast Cancer Awareness: A Panel Discussion

According to research, 1 out of 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. That means that out of 8 women sitting in a room, 1 is likely to have breast cancer. If the likelihood is so high, why do we neglect it and brush it under the rug? Self-examination and early detection is crucial in the battle with breast cancer. A Panel discussion based on breast cancer awareness was held on 4th October, 2021 under the BOSS Mentorship Sessions. The event was held at Beaconhouse Liberty Campus.
The panelists included Beaconhouse alumni; Ms. Ayesha Khurram (Breast Cancer Survivor/Spokesperson), Ms. Aminah Ejaz (Breast Cancer Survivor/Lead Facilitator, Leo’s Workshop), Dr. Anushe Usman (Dermatologist/Family Practitioner) and Ms. Shirmeen Ali who is the academic coordinator for the A-Level Programme at Beaconhouse Liberty Campus. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Fatima Mudassir (Senior Manager, Alumni Relations).
Students from class 9 and 10 attended the event. Ms. Tehmina Naeem (Principal, Beaconhouse Liberty Campus) as well as Ms. Shaista Raza (Headmistress, Senior School) were also present in attendance. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness regarding the importance of self-examination and early detection in breast cancer treatment.
The discussion revolved around the significance of proper self-examination, the different methods of examination, the importance of nutrition and the right kind of support system. All four panelists emphasized the fact that early detection and diagnosis leads to better outcomes, and that familial strength, and a healthy mind is key to fighting with this lethal disease.
To conclude the event, the panelists were presented with BOSS brand giveaways, followed by refreshments at the end.