BOSS Masterclass
Teenpreneurship 2022 and Beyond

Beaconhouse BOSS conducted its first BOSS Masterclass in Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus, Lahore on 24th February, 2022. Mr. Shafaat Hashmi (CEO Brandbeat Advertising and Communication) who is an alumnus of the Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus instructed the class, teaching the students the highs and lows of teenpreneurship and how it can be enhanced for the year 2022 and beyond. It was a highly interactive session between Mr. Shafaat and the students present in attendance as they learned the many facts of Teenpreneurship 2022 and beyond. The event concluded with ending remarks by Ms. Shamaila Saleem (Principal, Beaconhouse Garden Town Campus) followed by refreshments at the end of the event.