BOSS frequently hosts a multitude of events, in order to keep the alumni and current students at BSS involved. Our core events can be categorised as Social Responsibility Events, Entertainment Events and Art, Literature & Literacy Events.

You can find out about the upcoming events and catch a glimpse of some of the candid moments from various BOSS events. You can register with us and be part of the next Annual Alumni Dinner, Mentorship Programme, training sessions, BOSS Talks and much more.


At BOSS, we pride ourselves on providing optimal PR and networking opportunities to our alumni. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of multiple academic sessions and the mega annual networking dinner. BOSS is your gateway to make the right connections, build your contacts and enhance your professional development.

The Networking feature in the BOSS App is a GPS enabled location setter. Enable your location, connect to the internet and find the BOSSes near you.


At BOSS, we are committed to bring you countless opportunities and increase the career prospects available to you. Visit our Post a Job portal to view career opportunities posted by various alumni from different industries and organisations, as well as Beaconhouse School System jobs. Give back to your community by posting job links from your organisations in Post a Job portal here.


Are you struggling to make an academic and professional choice for yourself? Are you unsure of what future direction to take? At BOSS, we provide you direct access to mentors; to help, to guide and to give you professional advice.

Download the BOSS App now and locate the yellow mentoring badge on any mentor’s profile. You can send a private message or an email to connect with accomplished individuals. You can also join us at the mentorship events at your chapter, BOSS Talks and numerous workshops.

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